Here’s How You Can Be Productive Even When You Don’t Want To

Accept your unproductivity and let go

Take a break

If you are having difficulty completing a task, take a break from it. Sometimes your mind needs to rest or work on the problem you’re having in the background. During your break, you can relax your mind or maybe look for ways to work from a higher vantage point. This will give you an overall picture of what you’re trying to accomplish and you’ll be able to find a better way to handle it.

Look out for procrastination triggers

Prioritize the important things

Not everything is important. No matter how much you try to do everything at once, you might not be able to have a great result. You should prioritize things in a place of importance. Many people who struggle with being productive find themselves with ‘tens’ of things they want to do but get overwhelmed. Learn to focus on the vital things and work on other trivial things later. This makes your effort worthwhile.

Turn off distractions

Schedule to maintain focus

You can effectively work on a task without losing concentration if you schedule your day. You can succeed in what you do by doing the following:

  • You should not overcomplicate a task
  • Set a timer for a task
  • You should leave distractions behind and enter a productive zone.
  • Make use of a clock to monitor your progress. Pressure makes you become more productive. With a time scheduled for a task, we have a feeling of urgency. When you have completed the time allotted to a task, take a short break and get re-energized.

Don’t focus on what you hate

Focusing on what you dislike in a job or task would not make you perform better. Let go of the negativity surrounding a situation and find other reasons to complete a task. Negativity could affect everyone’s performance if you are working in a team. Give no room to things you hate if you want to be productive in a task.

Develop and complete your attainable goals

Expand you skill set

Try taking a certification class or online course to help expand your professional development. A little productive distraction like this makes you better at doing tasks. When you have a new skill, it can open doors to different career opportunities. You can add value through learning, which is a good way to boost your productivity. When you learn more, you get new knowledge which you can apply at work and in your everyday life. Try searching for opportunities to grow or gain skills if your daily tasks bore you.

Become an early riser

People who wake up late often struggle to meet targets and become productive. Successful people rise early and tend to be more productive than those who wake up late. When you become an early riser, you have an opportunity to improve your performance at work. You have enough time to get tasks prioritized before others begin their day when you rise early.



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Sabine Gedeon

Sabine Gedeon

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant supporting Emerging Leaders ready to cultivate their leadership mindset and develop high performing teams