How You Can Negotiate Your Salary With The 5 W’s Approach

So, why don’t we negotiate salary?

  • Fear of losing one’s job
  • The risk of sounding too pushy or greedy
  • The feeling of being uncomfortable because of the entire negotiation process
  • The risk of sounding too arrogant or facing rejection

Step 1: Knowing the WHY?

Step 2: Understanding the WHO

Step 3: Recognizing the WHEN

Step 4: Deciding the WHERE

Step 5: Deciding the WHAT

  • Having flexible hours
  • The option to work from home a few days a week
  • Medical insurance and incentives
  • Promotions and titles
  • Annual leaves
  • Transportation and parking perks
  • Granting maternity or paternity leaves
  • Opportunity to choose your team and even
  • The projects you get to work on
  • What is your key motivator?
  • What is the most pressing issue that you should be negotiating right now?



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Sabine Gedeon

Sabine Gedeon

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant supporting Emerging Leaders ready to cultivate their leadership mindset and develop high performing teams