Negotiation Tactics: How To Get The Salary You Want

1. Knowing what you’re worth

Before you even begin to lay the foundation for negotiations with your employer, you must do your homework. This involves conducting in-depth research of the market, especially the job you are gunning for.

2. Never mention money first

3. Resell yourself once again

Once you clear the interview and have received the offer, the next step is to sit down with the hiring manager and negotiate the salary.

4. Reiterate your interest in the company

One of the key negotiation tactics that will most certainly contribute to getting the salary you want is restating your interest in the job. Even though you might have already communicated this during the interview process but including such details during the negotiation process will convince your interviewer that you are no doubt the perfect candidate for the job, thus forcing them to reconsider your expected salary

5. Have a figure in mind

Before you even initiate the negotiation process, decide on a number that not only meets your needs. However, you should ensure that the number is realistic and based on a market survey. During negotiations, if you have reiterated your interest in the company and convinced the hiring manager how big of an asset you can prove to be, you have already won half the battle.

6. Choosing perks over money

7. Leverage the power of visualization

This is probably the most effective technique to ensure that you get the salary you want. By harnessing the power of visualizing how the entire negotiation process will go, we can quickly put things into perspective.

8. Using the role-play technique

Role-play is also one of the negotiation tactics that go hand in hand with visualizing a successful outcome. It allows you to make your case and practice your negotiation points out loud while defending why you are worth more. So when the actual negotiation process commences, you are more than ready to state your case. To do this, ask a friend or a trusted colleague who has your best interest at heart to role-play the entire conversation with you.



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Sabine Gedeon

Sabine Gedeon

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant supporting Emerging Leaders ready to cultivate their leadership mindset and develop high performing teams