Build Your Professional Network With This LinkedIn Strategies

Sabine Gedeon
3 min readFeb 28, 2022


There is certainly no better place to be than LinkedIn when it comes to building your professional network. It’s a great place to attract professionals or business users.

Almost every professional and business owner has a LinkedIn profile. As a result, the platform is suitable for marketing B2B products and services.

However, if you want to advance your career, make your business more visible, or market your products and services, you must grow your network. You must build connections that will drive your career and business forward.

Let’s look at how you can accomplish this. These LinkedIn strategies can help grow your professional network.

Keep your profile updated

Nobody wants to connect with an inactive account. If you have a LinkedIn profile, make sure it is up to date and active. Keep it updated with your achievements, new pursuits, and skills.

Adding up your certificates, seminars, or workshops you’ve attended is also a good idea. Additionally, include links to your research publications, if any, as well as other social/volunteer activities.

This approach can help you attract like-minded professionals to your profile.

Explore and connect

You are on LinkedIn to increase your network, so you must explore, search and connect with people in your field, niche, or industry.

Although connecting to other people is a good approach, don’t send requests to just anyone to increase your connections.

Instead, add a personalized note for anyone you’re trying to connect with. Briefly introduce yourself and show interest in why you want to connect with them. Following this approach will help expand your network.

Leverage the “people you may know” function

Another strategy to increase your connections and grow your network is to use the feature ‘’people you may know’’.

LinkedIn notifies you when someone views your profile, and you can easily connect with these people. Most times, the platform suggests these people because you have some commonality.

This feature can also be used conversely i.e. the more profiles you search and view, the more chances of them to get back to you.

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Share content that represents you

It is recommended to post often on LinkedIn because it showcases your ideas, thoughts, and views. An active profile with constant sharing and input is most likely to grab attention.

It rather enhances your engagement and boosts your exposure to the community.

Also, adding image content is thought to get more likes and views than an inscribed one. Additionally, liking and commenting on other people’s posts also helps you propagate your network.

Promote your profile

If you have a relatively new profile on LinkedIn but have more followers on other social media sites, then you must share your URL there. Be it in the form of a status update, a tweet or simply putting it in the bio section.

Promoting your profile on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. is likely to increase your connections.

Alternatively, you can share your URL in different related groups, and ultimately your network will grow.

It’s 2022 already and almost everything is possible at your fingertips and so is expanding your LinkedIn network.

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