Ways To Build Your Relationship Network Effectively

Identify your strengths

Know your target network

Connecting with everyone coming your way is a waste of time and effort. Understanding and building your target network will be beneficial for you. Remember, effective relationships are always about quality rather than quantity. For instance, a health care provider must be interested in connecting with people in the same field instead of an IT technologist.

Break the ice

Make time to nurture relationships

Once you connect with someone online or physically, you need to make time to build a good relationship with them. Yes, you may be busy running your business that you forget to follow up a conversation you started or even call the person you met during a networking event. If you’re really serious about growing your network, you need to nurture your relationships. Set aside more time for networking activities or more engagement online through the platform you used in connecting with them.

Where Can I Network?

It’s almost 2022, and we have lots of platforms to expand our network just by sitting at home. Make good use of social media for this reason. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are some of the most popular networking platforms.



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Sabine Gedeon

Sabine Gedeon

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant supporting Emerging Leaders ready to cultivate their leadership mindset and develop high performing teams