Why Building Relationships Is The Key to Successful Growth

Pleasant work environment

Career advancement or business growth

Building relationships and a good network help you find better and improved work opportunities. When you are on good terms with quite a lot of people in the same industry, it can open doors for you in the future. Hence, build positive and trustable connections with your peers to increase your productivity and efficiency. As a woman entrepreneur, building relationships with your customers or clients will make their faith in you more well-founded, and this will result in increased sales and business growth. If you can focus on building relationships rather than making sales, you will have a valuable and successful business in the long run.

Learn and let learn

Improves health

Study shows, working in a stressful environment causes mental and physical health issues. Besides this, it decreases employees’ efficiency and productivity as well.

Higher motivation

In 2012, Basford and Offermann found out that building relationships with your bosses and subordinates escalates a sense of motivation.

Positivity and optimism

A healthy network brings about positivity and optimism in a person. These two traits are particularly advantageous for business owner or employee to get more creative and think out of the box.



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Sabine Gedeon

Sabine Gedeon

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant supporting Emerging Leaders ready to cultivate their leadership mindset and develop high performing teams